Hi! I am Swantika Labh, currently a student persuing my major in CSE. I started writing since I don’t know when. I always had a diary filled with my thoughts. When I was in high school, I realised there’s more to writing. I started my personal blog when I was in 9th. I used to post. 

There were times when I went into depression and I have had these tendencies to just cut off from everyone. I have been doing this until very recently. I don’t know how many times have I deleted my blogs, social handles and what not. 

This had to stop. This was it. Previously I had a blog titled, “That Kaleidoscopic Girl”. With over 1500+ followers on Instagram, I don’t know what struck my mind. When I was very low(due to some reasons), I deleted my Instagram and decided not to pay for my domain. It expired. 

Then just to keep some of the posts that I had accidently saved, I imported all the articles to this page. Well, I did not decide on naming this page, but you know it’s something I can give a meaning to. I mean, I like talking, talking about what I face, what others face, something relevent which most of my readers can relate to.

I promise to post regularly, and this time I won’t give up on this. 

Stay tuned for more content!


Swantika <3

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