Being a Nephophile

Nepho is derived from a Greek word Nephos meaning clouds or concerning to clouds. Philia is also a Greek derived word referring to affection or love towards something.  Hence nephophilia is the love of clouds or could be fondness or obsession of clouds.

Why I am a nephophile?

It’s not that I was born with the love for clouds. It was a gradual love that developed over all these years. I was in class 3 when I saw the clouds for the first time in Kasol. I was a curious kid as to why clouds that seem so mighty end up being foggy when we come around them! After that I really never thought of this until the technology developed and I got to click some amazing pictures and this way I started loving them.

It’s not just the beauty that attracts me, its the connection between the clouds and our lives which I can relate. We meet people who seem great, do great things. For instance, all the concern people show on social media, do we know how hollow it is?

No offence, but recently, I saw many actors posing with sanitary napkins, and posting “Nothing to be ashamed of, its natural. Periods.” It’s okay to create awareness about the facts, but will THIS really help?

How many of the people in the villages are going to check up their Instagram posts and know what pad is? Actors are putting up pictures with pads instead of trying to put efforts to at least donate some of their wealth to make sanitary napkins free for the women in villages. This is how hollow people are. It seems all of them are bringing about a change in the society, but we all know the truth.

Also, speaking of our hearts, we feel we shouldn’t cry, that would make us stronger. But heavy hearts are like heavy clouds which are best relieved by letting go of a little water. Actually, it really helps.

Clouds might seem to be just another thing on the earth, but I can never stop learning from it. It changes its form, but it never changes what it is. What is our life then? It’s just the same. It keeps changing, the highs and the lows, but life is beautiful even at our worst. These times teach us how to be strong, they make us strong.

Why should everyone love clouds?

Clouds have always been the reason for a farmer’s smile. Ever wondered what would happen if there’s no rain? Clouds bring rain which is an important aspect in agriculture.

Clouds always give us a reason to be happy. No matter what. They teach, they help us understand our own life. Who says God hasn’t given us ways to understand our lives? As said by Honore De Balzac:

“Clouds symbolise the veils that shroud God.”

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