Will the society ever accept me?

Will the Society ever accept me?

So here goes nothing.

Since my childhood, I’ve been doing things which I never had my opinion on and I have been trying hard to match with the levels of the society. I realised this a few days back when my friends were excited about a new movie coming up. Like I mean yes, sometimes I find the stuff good which is suggested by someone. But also at times I just try to mould myself with what everyone finds it too cool. A big time example is watching Friends. To be honest, I know many of you might even want to disown me, but I tried watching it and its just not my type. I don’t know why but I don’t have any inclination to the comedy genre. Under peer pressure I might have watched an episode or two and might have also enjoyed a bit, but there’s nothing what a crime thriller can make me feel like. That’s my kind!

I do not watch any sports, nor have I ever played any in my life. I don’t know why but yes I have no idea about the games that atleast people have a basic knowledge of. The thing about which I feel bad about is, when I say someone that I’m not into that particlar thing, they try to judge me instantly and to avoid that I tend to lie about my likes and dislikes.

The main thing here is that deep inside we all care about what will people think of us, will they accept this, or that.

Remeber, people won’t support you when you’re doing something, but when you succeed in doing that, the same people will praise you.

That is what our society is. The society blindly follows the idea of hypocrisy.

If I want to marry a guy out of our religion or caste in the future, its a shame for my family. (Generalising the fact) Just because we belong to different castes or religion doesn’t change our feelings we have developed for someone’s soul. We need to stand strong and fight for our choices not caring about the society even if that society involves your family.

You might be a girl and like a girl. But you may be afraid to confront the society. The fear of what will people think of you might just lead you to take decisons that might ruin your entire life. I might smoke or drink, but that doesn’t change the person I am. I might wear torn jeans and short skirts, that doesn’t make me a slut. I don’t care what the society thinks of me as far as I am comfortable with my choices in life.  So what I mean to say here is, we all as indivisuals have a different taste and different picks. To be honest its difficult to change the society in a day or something but we surely can take baby steps and one day we shall have a generation of people who do not judge other people on the basis of their choices. Everyone respects everyone and everything.

Don’t care about log kya kahenge, kyuki logon ka kaam hai kehna!

(this was just a little bit of my 2 am thoughts, ignore if I hurt any of your precious sentiments)

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