Buoyancy in life

I wasn’t like this before, some instances molded me in this way where I also changed my perspective about things, and most importantly I learnt how to think optimistically.

Thinking positively brings good vibes, and even if you have a bad day, you feel sanguine and take these quandaries as challenges and face them. It is important that we tackle with things by keeping a positive attitude.

Recently, I came across a show where they showed how positive thinking could effect our overall performance in any sphere of life. They showed an instance where a person who was a noob at playing basketball was asked to hit goals. When he couldn’t hit, negative thoughts started flooding his mind and this discouraged him to this level that he could not even hit the goal even once. And then the second time, he was blindfolded and audience was asked to cheer for him even if he didn’t hit the goal, his confidence boosted and he was all optimistic now. In the end, when the blindfold was removed, he could hit goals directly . This was no magic, this was the power which was vested in him.

This just boost up the optimistic side in me. We shouldn’t let the negative thoughts crawl into our minds and make ourselves weak.

We should fight against it and shouldn’t always expect people to encourage us because there are times when we have to fight alone and we need to motivate and encourage ourselves to move forward.

Lately, I was so depressed as things haven’t been in my favour since few years, and I’ve faced a lot since then. I lost almost all hope now. My family and few friends play a major role in boosting up the positivity inside me. And yes it is true that if you hangout with people who have negative thoughts, it does effect the way you think. I experienced this and now I feel its better to be with people who fill you with positivity. This positive peer

pressure is good for our growth!

Life always has its ups and downs, its us who have to decide how to deal with things. Giving up shouldn’t be an option. Try and try harder till you get what you’ve always wished for!

This is how life is meant to be. You fall, you learn, you stand up and achieve.  It is said that if you fall 7 times,you stand up 8.

Each experience teaches you. Who can be a better teacher than our own life?

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