Stayin’ alive: How to fight against Loneliness

How easy is to battle against loneliness ? Is that even a thing? Oh well sure it is. We all go through this stage at some point in life. You might find this article a bit long and maybe a little monotonous but it is the bitter truth of life. Maybe you haven’t felt it yet, but keep reading, for you never know.

We all are so engulfed by this modern world that our lives revolve around technology. We have become slaves to it. With a simple touch you can reach out to a friend who lives far away. Well yes it is a good thing, but we humans have been known to expoilt any good thing we get. For instance, instead of visiting a friend nearby, we opt for chatting and thus opting for a lazy life. Thanks to this new era boon, people have eventually started eliminating people from their lives. They spend a good fraction of time with electronic gadgets, mostly the social media. People have started to become selfish and self centered, they don’t even feel like talking to the people sitting next to them.

What happens when something hits you hard and you feel heavy with all those thoughts? These thoughts start piling up and eventually you don’t even feel like sharing it with that one person who actually cares for you. You find yourself in a corner, sitting alone with your thoughts. You don’t feel like doing anything. You go into depression. This hits you hard. You find yourself so alone, you see that no one is even putting any efforts into finding what is making you sad. You will see that no one gives a damn about what you’re feeling. What’s the endpoint? You get yourself into something and coming back from that is next to impossible.

I know it makes you feel even worse when you expect those people to stand for you for whom you once stood and gave moral support. But let me be clear, in today’s world you have to be a bit selfish for yourself. You have to acknowledge this fact that you are the one who has to get out of this feeling and you have to help yourself. Hoping that someone might help you getting out of your bad times might make you feel even more miserable as people won’t be available all the times to listen or handle your problems.

Find the real reason for why you are depressed.

Find out what is it exactly that is bothering you. Is it someone, or something that made you feel less, or something that didn’t work out the way you hoped it would. It is very important to know what’s bothering you. At times you think you know what it is, you take that frustration and anger out too, but somewhere you still aren’t satisfied with it. Lashing out on someone could make you feel even more alone as the people who thought could help you would feel scared to approach you. Regreting about it later is only going to make it worse.

Start asking yourself questions

Is it really worth it? Wasting your time over something that’s harming you this way? Be it a relationship that has ended, or an opportunity that has gone. Things are not going to come back again. It’s in the past. You have to understand this that you cannot harm your future for your past.

What can be done?

Well, it’s easy to say things, I know. I don’t know what you are going through, but surely I can help you get out of it. Take your time, no one is stopping you or pushing you to rush into things. Take time to understand what just happened, take time to explain yourself that you can do much better than this. Take time and understand that this was like an experience which taught you something. Spend more time with you, do the things you like, join some classes to make your life healthy, engage yourself in some activities which can move your mind away from all the negativity. Once you feel better, there’s no going back.

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