Change is the only constant

Change is the only constant

Everyday I learn something new. Today I learnt something which might seem so common to talk about but when it comes to most of us facing something difficult we either give up or go for the other alternative.

We fear of the changes in our life. We take it in a negative aspect and tend to start blaming everything and everyone. What if we stop fearing this change and start embracing these very changes in our lives? We get a whole new perspective of life. I read this today somewhere a hunter is always a winner in his story where the lion doesn’t know how to write.

We just have explored the Epipelagic zone of the sea. That is, just the top layer of it. There is so much to explore. We might get some bad outcomes of trying a new thing but you will eventually learn about things. That is how we learn right? We make a mistake in a exam and never forget it. That is what happens in life too.

Do not stick to your stagnant life with the same boring things. Try out new things. Everytime I talk to a new person they ask me what my hobbies are. This becomes a very complicated question for me as I haven’t tried the most of the things in life and I do not know what thrills me. So I decided to take baby steps into knowing what I am really good at. And for that I tried doing things I had never done before! This gave me an idea of how stagnant my life is! Spending the whole vacation doing nothing. Sounds new? No. We all have done it or maybe still do it. Thing is, it’s upto you how you manage your time doing something. We always have an excuse to not do something. We think of waking up early but end up sleeping again. You have to push yourself if you want to change and have a healthy lifestyle. Once you get into it, and make a habit of it, it won’t be difficult for you to try out new things.

Developing a habit of something might seem to be difficult initally, but trust me once you push yourself into that habit, you too will feel good. You brush everyday, irrespective of how you’re feeling. That’s because your brain has programmed it as a habit which you have to perform everyday. Similarly doing something for a week first, then a month, then few months and eventually you’ll get used to it. So do not just give up on the new changes in life.

You have to get used to it and think of the positive side of it. Always think positive. Follow this article for some ideas.

Change is the only constant in our lives because every new thing we do, brings about a change in life. Good or bad but sure does always leave a good message along with the experience.

Challenge yourself everyday to do something new because if you don’t challenge yourself, how are you going to know what are you capable of? Birds born in a cage think flying is an illness.

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