No one stays

This small piece is dedicated to my dear friend V. I know things have been hard for you and just know that I am there for you. I love you, okay?


We all crave for a good company. At workplace, at school or college. We all do. We expect people to stay in our lives and we think that this would make our lives happier. But honestly, everything sucks! Life sucks! Isn’t it?

One thing that you need to understand is that, today if you are a person with no job or nothing in life, no one would even care to ask you. No one would even try to talk to you maybe. You would feel isolated from the whole world. And this would take a drastic turn if the situations were the opposite. You will have everything, you will earn well and everybody wants to be your friend.

You can’t really blame everyone. That’s what a human being is. Always attracted to the good things in life.

To make a change, the first thing that you have to stop is expecting from people. You might just end up hurting yourself and in the end realise that no one stays. The best thing is to do everything without expecting in return. You really have to give up on the fear of what will people say. They will always talk behind your back irrespective of what you have achieved in your life. It’s your life and you don’t have to do something to satisfy people, you have to do something to satisfy yourself, that yes you did something good today and that made you happy.

The people who really care for you will never leave you. Irrespective of what you are going through and you have to realise that these people are your parents and family. You can never be lonely if you have these people in your life. Also yeah I am not saying you can’t have friends who would actually care for you, but lets be practical, if there’s a situation where they’ve to choose between you and themselves, they’ll rather choose themselves. That’s what you too have to do.

In order to achieve something, you have to give up on something. And to be honest you have to be a little mean for today’s world. Where everyone cares about nothing but themselves. Then why just give a piece of your heart to someone who will not value it? You should have friends, but you need to priortise your life above everyone and everything else.

Don’t worry about who you are losing in life. Remember the people who left you, never wanted to stay in the first place. And this is life. Right people will walk into your life when it is least expected. So just don’t worry about losing someone or wait for someone to walk into your life. Good things happen unexpectedly.

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